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Side Hustle Projects - Here's mine, what's yours?


So I recently listened to an awesome podcast on SyntaxFM which was strongly around "Side Hustles". - basically a side project that you're working on aside from your main development job.

I thought I'd jump on here and get everyone involved and see if anyone has a side hustle.

I have only really launched mine after alot of self disbelief in it but it's finally here and I'm offering a free eBook as an incentive to gain interest and future potential customers.

Im going to launch my first online educational course, which will be aimed at beginners starting off in web development, focusing on HTML, CSS and JS. In depth, 20+ lectures which I've started recording already.

Here's the intro and free ebook;

Let me know what you think of the e-book.

What's your side hustle??

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Andrew Brooks 👨‍💻

I just started working on a freelance time tracker, TimeLync. It has a long way to go before I can charge anything for it though as it doesn't even have a proper landing page yet. Slowly getting it there. Good luck on your side hustle!

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Alan Montgomery

That's pretty awesome - I've just had a play around on it! Good luck to you too looks like it has a lot of potential!