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Luca Spezzano
Luca Spezzano

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How to Build a Reusable Tab Component In Vue.js

A great way to create a reusable tabs component in Vue from scratch

Tabs are one of the most used components in the UI, we can find them in the most popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or libraries of UI components like TailwindUI.

They can have different styles but their main job is to change the content at the click of a button while staying on the same page.

Once I used to work with the tabs of Bootstrap on my projects but starting to work with Vue.js and TailwindCSS I had to think about how to develop this component from scratch.

Creating a reusable component in a project that is flexible enough to allow the parent to choose the content is certainly complex.

You can find the demo con CodeSandbox here

If you are interested in reading the whole article with the step by step tutorial go here 👇

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