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Introducing Elm Antd

Hey friends,

I'd like to share a project I've been working on that is finally in a presentable state (but still in its infancy)!

The project is called Elm Ant Design.

The repo can be found here.

I built Elm Ant Design in such a way that it encourages contributions from all developers, even those who don't yet know Elm!

Project Goals

  • Attain 100% feature parity with React's implementation of Ant Design (which can be found here)
  • Create a space that allows developers of all skill levels to be able to easily contribute to an open source project
    • You'll see in various parts of the documentation that I make reference to contributing to the project
    • I've also created a large list of "good first issue"s and "help wanted" tags on github (link)

Don't Know Elm? No Problem!

Elm is a tiny language compared to JavaScript. To learn 80% of Elm takes a lot less time than learning 80% of JS.

Secondly, there is a small portion of the code that is written in JS:

  • Webpack configuration is in JS
  • Visual tests using Cypress and Percy are written entirely in JS as well

So you can contribute to Elm Ant Design without even knowing Elm!

"But Elm is not a very popular language, why would I want to learn Elm?"

Elm will make you a better _____ developer. Whether your main language is Python, Java, C#, JavaScript. The fact that Elm is a pure functional language means that you're forced to think in a different way about your programs. And this new mental model will help you write more predictable code in your main language - I guarantee this (I have experienced this effect first hand with my job, as I'm primarily a JS & TypeScript developer).

I would appreciate any and all feedback!

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