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Here's What Cloudways is Giving to Developers This Christmas Eve.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform for PHP applications, CMS, and Frameworks. Providing the best six providers including DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, Kyup, and GCE.You can Launch Servers and applications with the complete stack on the above providers in few clicks and enjoy the discounts credit.

The ThunderStack

Cloudways Engineers has built their own PHP Thunderstack on the top of best technologies:

Exceptional Features

Here are some of the features you must know about.

1.Choose from Multiple Cloud Infrastructures like DigitalOcean, Google, Amazon, and more.

2.Deploy multiple web applications, including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce and PHP Based apps.

3.Get real-time insights about your servers on popular channels with integrated CloudwaysBot.

4.Deploy servers on multiple datacenters

5.Cloudways gives you 24/7 support with Live Chat and ticketing system

6.Most operations on Cloudways can be performed in 1-Click, like Cloning, Backups, Restore, and Server Scaling.

7.Build awesome web applications by collaborating with your team from within the Platform.

8.Test your web applications before going live on the built-in staging mechanism
Monitor 15+ applications from within the Platform.

9.You can deploy FREE SSL from Let's Encrypt in 1-Click.

10.Thunderstack, in-house caching recipe, ensures that your websites load 100 times faster than average.

11.Manage a lot of website from the Cloudways Platform using the Projects feature.

Sit Back & Relax

So, what you need to do this Christmas🎄? Nothing sit back, relax, control your web applications and servers with mouse clicks. Here's the demo:

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Norah Shannon

Just recently got a Drupal Client migrated over from Acquia to your platform and loving the simplicity! Only thing now though is establishing a DevOps workflow by choosing an Automated Deployment mechanism, like DeployHQ or DeployBOT.

As part of this process, I am trying to decide which Local Dev solution to go ahead with. But, I'm leaning towards Docksal. It would be nice if Cloudways had a dockerfile I could download to ensure my env is as close to production as possible. But, oh, well... :)

_shahroznawaz profile image
Shahroz Nawaz

Hey Norah, Thanks for appreciating Cloudways :). Actually, at Cloudways we are trying to make things easy for developers and non-technical customers. Also, Cloudways supports 3rdparty deployment tools like DeployHQ and DeployBot you can find written guides on them too.

We are also working on Cluster Solutions which will support docker bases environments soon :)

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Vitor Amaral

Hey guys just leaving a codepen created by my brother. A animated christmas tree made only with CSS. Share and give your feedback. Thanks! Codepen: