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Books to Advance Your Python Skills

If you have stumbled to this post .. I can bet you love python ... And when you love
something you should take care of it . in this small blog post i have compiled a
list of books that have helped me become a better python programmer .

Note : The list is not in any particular order and there are no affliate links
either :) .

We all agree with the fact that python is an easy to learn language . But the
best thing that I have noticed while coding in python is how well it does a job
of hiding the unnecessary abstraction yet providing the programmer with the
most control .

In this section I have listed the books that will help you better understand
python . Which will help you to make better decisions next time working on something
whether it is which datastructure should I use or in which way the code will be
more maintainable ..

Lets dive in :

1. Fluent Python - by Luciano Ramalho .

Image description

If you want to become more productive with python and you can choose
only one book .. This is it .

Written by Luciano Ramalho . This book will open the multiverse of python for
you .

I bet on this that you will get an Aha .. moment reading every single page of
it .. summing in its own title it will make you fluent in python . and will
help you make smarter decisions next time you are writing python.

It is nicely structured , starting with easier to get topics and progressively
going to more advanced topics like metaprogramming and concurrency .

Who it is not for :

If are a programmer who has just started with python . This book won't serve the
purpose best and will just make the journey a little harder .

2. Programming Python -by Mark Lutz .

Image description

Another Gem . This book serves a an indepth guide to python and how to use it
for different usecases. Rather than being a book only about the language
sematics this book does a good job at making usecases of python sound and clear

This book is divided into sections like Introduction to python , Gui
Programming , Web Programming ,etc .

I love this book mostly because it has helped me to understand the vastness of
the python ecosystem . And giving an eagles eye view of different domains with python.

3. Python Cookbook

Image description

This book has a recipe for everything python . David Beazley is a well renowed
name in the python community . And Python Cookbook is his masterpiece.

This is not a book of tricks but a guide to solve problem in pythonic manner .
David does a good job of not only explaining the solution but also having a
openended discussion about the drawbacks and edgecases ..

I have already read it 2 -3 times yet and continuoly look for day to day python
problems in it .. I never upsets :)

4. Robust Python

Image description

Writing code at industry level scale is no fun and games . Your code is going
to get changed and bashed a lot and surely is not immune to bugs .
And nothing can stop it .

Writing clean code and refactoring is one the most important skills to write
scalable and better .

This book just helps you to write better python . This book also throws light
at the modern python features and best practices.

Recommended for everyone who wants to write more maintainable code and survive
the software onslaught .

Thats it .. there are a lot of other good books also but I personally think these are the
best in the business . comment down which books you are going to read and
which have helped you in past . :)

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fawlid profile image

Thank you about sharing your information about python programming and its books.
These days i wanna start "The Big Book Of Small Python Projects" by AI Sweigart.
Have you ever read it? What is your idea about this book for people are just familiar with intermediate python programming?
After exams i should try to read those books that you intoduce us! 🤗

aabidsofi profile image

i have not t read the book that you mentioned . But you cant go wrong with swiegart . I have his books s like cracking codes , automating boring stuff with python , beyond basic stuff with python . All have been top notch ...

best of luck for exams :)

fawlid profile image

Thanks a lot.
Best wishes.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Great list!