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4 languages to learn in 2021 for app dev

since 2020 had alot of new languages on the rise , here are some of my choices :-

  • 1. Dart - Flutter is getting popular day by day and it is a framework used by dart programmers . Dart has a very java like syntax . The learning curve is very easy and programmers can start building stuff within weeks .
  • 2. Javascript - Javascript has been the most popular language for atleast 10 years now . A Framework called react native is being used by a lot of programmers today . It is highly dependent upon react . It like flutter is used to create native applications ie applications that run on both android and ios with a single code base . Learning curve is easy when react is known .
  • 3.Kotlin- Even though its time for native dev's , android programming still remains at the top and kotlin having java like syntax has the easiest learning curve .
  • 4.Swift - Fully ios dependable apps are created by swift . Learning curve is hard by the pay is also very competitive .

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Pontakorn Paesaeng

I think you may consider reformatting it because 3 and 4 is out of the indent. But this article is OK.

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Thank you for writing this .. I will check it out