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Six Reasons to Learn JavaScript

JavaScript is the most popular and versatile programming language in the world.
It’s also the first programming language many developers learn. But lots of people still ask the question, why it’s worth to learn JS. Since a few years, Javascript spread so much that it’s visible almost everywhere, front-end, back-end and even mobile development and the popularity of this programming language is not getting smaller. There are tones of different frameworks which grown on Javascript basics and are used almost in every project which needs any user interface. Taking into consideration this information, I’ll try to describe to you a few reasons why it’s still a great idea to learn Javascript in this article.

It’s Used Everywhere

JavaScript is a computer programming language that executes complex actions on web pages. No matter if you’re on your phone, on a laptop, or an old PC at the public library, any time you click a button, see social posts update in real-time, you will learn JavaScript is most likely involved in making that happen.

JavaScript is like the Starbucks of stacks–it’s everywhere.
Anytime you get stuck, there’s going to be someone out there that has the same problem.” This leads to getting answers sooner and creates a “level playing field for everybody and a universal open platform.” More users = more opportunity to create stuff faster.

Beginner Friendliness

The learning curve in Javascript is pretty gentle. Javascript is a very beginner-friendly programming language, and everybody can start learning without any previous experience. You can get started with coding JavaScript straight from your browser without setting up any development environment, which is a reason many beginners seem to like it.Taking into consideration that Javascript is mostly focused on front-end development and user interfaces, it would be great to learn HTML and CSS first.

Career Opportunities

Salary information from

Salary Info

Taking into consideration that demand on the market is huge for Javascript developer, it’s a great opportunity for your career. JavaScript is also the most demanded programming skill at Angel List.What’s most exciting is knowing JavaScript opens up all sorts of high-paying job opportunities. For instance, the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics predicts that developer jobs will grow 15% between now and 2024. That’s a much faster rate than other professions.

It’s projected to be the most in-demand programming language in the next few years. It’s a great time to be learning JavaScript.While you are getting familiar with this programming language, you have tones of different possibilities to start working, from remote freelancing to a lucrative full-time position with crazy tasty coffee in the office.

It’s built into the browser.

JavaScript’s history is intimately tied to the Internet itself. It was originally created by Brendan Eich while working at Netscape in 1995, and eventually was adopted by all browsers as the de facto way to build interactive websites. (For more on the history, check out A Short History of JavaScript.) There are currently over a dozen active JavaScript engines competing for market share; the most popular is Google’s V8 engine, used to power the Google Chrome web browser.

Growing, vibrant community

Community size is important, because the larger a programming language community is, the more support you'd be likely to get.As a very popular programming language, Javascript has a very big community of programmers.You would probably get help much faster than in case when the community is not so numerous. On the Stack Overflow, Javascript developers community is one of the biggest.

Lots of sources to learn

Not only the community of Javascript programmers is big, but there are also lots of sources to learn this programming language. This is a very important aspect of the programming language which you decide to learn as if the number of sources wouldn’t be big you would be very limited.
A growing number of online tutorials and classes that teach JavaScript have emerged in recent years. Platforms like Codecademy, Udacity,, and General Assembly are providing millions of people with the opportunities to learn JavaScript (and other languages) in an engaging and interactive manner.

In the article, I went through the six reasons why it’s still good to learn Javascript. I think that it’s a programming language which has a bright future and can give lots of possibilities.

Happy coding!

If you have any question regarding this or anything I should add, correct or remove, feel free to comment, email or DM me. Thanks !!!

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JavaScript (JS) is a popular programming language with several advantages: client-side interactivity, wide adoption, improved user experience, rich ecosystem, platform independence, asynchronous programming, and server-side It has become a versatile and powerful tool for web development with the development of Regular updates and evolution of the language itself