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IonicVue Live Stream One: Enhancing Ionic Framework CLI List Template App

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Quick Video Overview of App Built In IonicVue Livestream 1

Wanted to quickly get out some more interesting content in a live setting so people could watch and ask questions as I use Ionic Framework with VueJS. It is hard to get feedback and see where people are struggling when you just post a video.

So far there are over 42 videos posted to get you started with Ionic Framework and VueJS; See Ionic Vue JS Video Playlist

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In the four plus hours of content we covered the following

  • Walkthrough of the Ionic CLI List template
  • Using refs with Ionic Component
  • Creating Alerts, Loading Indicators & Toast In Ionic
  • Deploying your application using Ionic Capacitor
  • Working with Firebase And much more...

All of the videos are listed below with links to full source code included in the video descriptions.

More VueJS Content Working With Modal, Toast & Emitting Events

Using IonAlert, Components, Refs, Emitting Events and Deploying w/Capacitor

More VueJS Content Working With Firebase Adding CRUD To App

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abhinavchawla13 profile image
Abhinav Chawla

I'm looking to start a new project with Ionic and Vue. Looks like I'll watch a lot of your tutorials soon. Thanks for all the tutorials!

aaronksaunders profile image
Aaron K Saunders • Edited

you are welcome, I have a book and a course coming soon...