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Chrome Extension you’ll fall in 💚 with

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Welcome to My series “One New Thing I Learned Today”. In this series i’ll be sharing unique websites, apps, technologies, places, facts or any other amazing thing that I find.

So today I am here with an amazing chrome extension for you, especially if you are someone who is interested in tech and development. | The Homepage Developers Deserve

Image description will give you a feed full of the hottest developer news all in one place as well as personalized according to your interests. With this you can read more Quality articles, Stay up to date and Save time. This extension curates a list of best articles from more that 400 sources and you can see all those by just opening up a new tab. You can also have discussions with other developers, upvote posts and even bookmark the ones that you like.

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This extension is completely Free and once you start using it, pretty soon it’ll become your favorite place to find all developer related news and articles. So I definitely recommend you to check this one out.

Img Src- unsplash and chrome web store

I Hope You Found The Post Helpful😄
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Andrew Baisden is amazing! So many of my articles have showed up on there its good to see!