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Aashish Panthi
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Fart.js- The end of the world

We all know there are hundreds of thousands of javascript frameworks and they are never going to stop releasing. But I found something interesting but at the same I want to ask:


I came across this library few days ago. It make so easy to add fart noises to your website (but who wants to do that). I thought due to lock down many peoples are at home creating this type of thing and I found this:

JS fart github

I was actually released 7 years ago, and last commit was 4 years ago(they kicked out jQuery from their dependencies). Currently it has 51 Star and 13 Forks on Github.

JSFart home page

You can get more detailed documentation on

Here are some examples available to fart 😂.
Examples of jsfart

Overall, I'm not spreading hate against this. But I want to ask again:


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