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Alejandro Bonilla on September 24, 2018

Did you create your drawing? A few minutes ago I had internet problems, and at that precise moment I wanted to enter dev.to, and discovered some... [Read Full]
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Yes, this is the first in what we plan to be a series of user-created artistic offline pages. Enjoy πŸ˜„

We’ll have more info soon, but wanted to let it be discovered by some folks first.


I had some free time and write a script to enhance the page (In my very personal opinion).

Use TamperMonkey to run it each time you enter the offline page.


  • Add white and black color
  • Focus effect on selected color
  • Add export button
  • Hide page texts when draw start
  • more to come ?

Be careful, downloading you creation on Chrome add a progress bar at the bottom. This resize the page and erase your work. Be sure to only download once you're done.

@ben , @aspittel , @biros , @ameerhamza , @mdynnl


noooooo, stop xD ... my chicken need peace, stooop xD..

Trending topic of tomorrow: The poor chicken

I hope everyone can laugh and take a moment off with my chicken and have new ideas, for all projects :)


Glad people are drawing using it! I love the chicken πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“!

It was a ton of fun to make. I really wanted to create a place for people to make their own art instead of just displaying my own!


Very artistic! I love the desire to go back there, even though you came back online.


It's second best idea actually I've seen on the internet when getting disconnected (first is the chrome addictive game :D )... thanks @aspittel !


Hahahahah that poor chicken will die ... you could have at least finished the scene lol


Great details @ben πŸ‘Keep working on that!

Those tiny features are showing how much love you guys put in this website!


Really good idea! Much friendlier than the previous one, with the broken cables...

It got a spook out of me before I realized that the time on my system was not setup correctly :)

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