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Yeah until I saw this tweet, if a simple calculator already collects "usage data" then imagine what kind of data Microsoft is collecting in other apps (Skype, Word, ...).


Of course, it's extremely creepy. But to be honest, I wouldn't expect anything else from Microsoft. Also, at the same time NSA open-sourced Ghidra, so I have a feeling that Microsoft is just trying to hold the line, but Calculator? Compared to maybe best reverse-engineering platform ever created? It's just meh.


I agree with you that this was getting way to much attention for only open sourcing a Calculator application. Would be cool if they made the old Microsoft Paint open source.


On a side note: I honestly feel Microsoft has really been doing awesome lately with all things open source. GitHub lately seems to be getting even better than it was before


yes, it's a really good news.

I'm not a c++ developer but I will definitely check the design patterns they use and how the software is structured. moreover I'm interested in better understanding the xaml bindings.

I think it's very important that Microsoft gives its contribute to the oss community sharing knowledge.

what do you think?



actually microsoft contributes a lot to open source but this is kind of nice that it open sources one of its own.

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