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Games Every Programmer Should Play

Game Every Programmer should play
Programming games are often overlooked as a way to learn a new programming language or improve your knowledge of an existing one. Here are few programming games that are worth a try.


Visit CodinGame here -
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CodinGame is one of the better-known free platforms for learning how to code through games. The platform supports over 25 programming languages and comes with challenges that become gradually harder as you progress through them. CodinGame is a community, too. You can solve challenges together with your friends or colleagues and learn how other players solve particular challenges.


Visit Codemonkey here -
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Codemonkey teaches codding using CoffeeScript, a real programing language, to teach you to build your own games in HTML5. It's aimed at codding for kids, but it's definitely fun for adults too.

Flexbox Froggy

Visit Flexbox Froggy here -
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In this game, you must bring the frogs home to their lilypads by mastering CSS flexbox, a powerful new module that makes layout a breeze. With it you can control alignment, spacing, and wrapping of elements on the webpage using only one or two lines of code.


Visit Code Combat here -
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CodeCombat is a platform that gamifies Python, JavaScript, HTML, and the fundamentals of computer science. As you progress, you'll unlock heroes, pets, gear, and more.
The game is free for all its core levels, with a $9.99 a month subscription if you want access to its extra level branches plus 3,500 bonus gems a month. The game has a strong open-source community that helps with translations and creating more levels.


Visit Untrusted here -
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Untrusted is a meta-JavaScript adventure game written by Alex Nisnevich and Greg Shuflin. You need to write (or remove) JavaScript code to create a gap in the walls surrounding you.
Contrary to some of the other suggestions in this list, Untrusted is made for people already familiar with JavaScript. It starts easy, but the puzzles quickly become difficult. If you're up for a challenge, try Untrusted.


Visit Cyber-Dojo here:
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cyber-dojo is an online browser-based coding dojo game. cyber-dojo is the world's simplest non development environment. Each group writes their code and tests inside a web browser. presses their run-tests button to submit their code and tests to the cyber-dojo server.

AI Gaming

Visit AI Gaming here -
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Last but not the least, we have Microsoft's AI Gaming Platform where you can code bots in python and compete against your friends on 30+ different games & challenges. You can also participate in tournaments to win some really cool prizes. Along with learning to code a bot in Python, you will also get hands-on practice in using Microsoft's Cloud Platform, Azure.

We hope you found at least one new programming game you’ll enjoy playing. There’s nothing better than learning how to code while having fun in the process. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it on social media clicking the buttons top right.

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