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How to Choose a Right JavaScript Framework for your Project?

There is no doubt about the fast growth and development in JavaScript and with the passage of time, new JavaScript frameworks are emerging into the Development Community. Sometimes, for even a very experienced developer it becomes very confusing to choose the right JavaScript or Front-End framework for their big next project. So in this short article, I would like to mention some points I consider before choosing any JavaScript framework before starting any project.

In this article, I would be talking about the three most popular JavaScript frameworks, Angular, React, and Vue. During recent times, they are the most famous JavaScript frameworks.

Just Like My Other articles I would like to make a table here as well so that the comparison and differences can become easy to understand and comparison become easy.

Angular React Vue
If you are a kind of very organized person and want to have everything organized separately then Angular is for you. The HTML, CSS, and TypeScript files are placed separately for each component and features. If you are a person who wants to have everything in the control from the row of a table to the position of the buttons and wants to use components again and again then the React is for you. If you are a very neat and clean person and want to have simply arranged and do not want to switch between files, then the Vue to its very simple data binding is best for you.
If you do not want to handle the hustle of installing the third parties packages, then Angular due to its built-in packages is for you. These built-in packages contain packages for routing and forms etc. React allows you to install packages of your choice for all kind of purposes, for example, there are different packages available for routing but it depends on you which package you will be chosen due to your familiarity to the package. Vue also has some built-in packages as well, but again according to your taste you can add third-party packages as well.
If the project is quite large and there are many features that have to be developed, then you should definitely go for Angular because it works on the MVC pattern, and managing the code for an Angular Project is very easy. If the project is of small to medium scale and many components are being reusable then you should consider React for that kind of project because due to the reusability of components and due to component-based thinking your productivity will be increased to a great extent. Vue is used when the application is from Small to Medium scale and speed and performance is the core feature of the project or application.
Data Management in Angular is a very important concept and you can implement it in a completely raw way using RXJS or you can use the NGRX framework and Akita as well. In React, you can do Data Management using the Redux framework. In the case of Vue, you can manage the data with the help of VUEX.

I hope that this small article was able to throw some light on some things that should be considered before choosing any framework for any level of the project.

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waldtq profile image

You are not going wrong with any of those.

When choosing be aware of your feelings. Which one feels right for the job?

  • If you like TypeScript, you can use it in Vue.js 2.x but you don't have Typechecking in your templates.
  • Do you like jsx / tsx? Go for react
  • Do you like it opinionated? Go for Angular
  • You like options? Go for react
  • Vue.js looks easy / simple in comparison to the others? Go for it!
  • Want to do a App? Take a look at react-native!
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Abdur Rehman Khalid

Actually these, points are related to learning perspectives, so in this article, I mentioned some general points. And I appreciate as you have mentioned these points as well.