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Fiber: a Super Minimal Hugo Blog Theme

Hello DEV community! I am here to brag about my recently launched Hugo theme!

In short, Fiber is a Hugo theme for the Minimalists. It features a Clean and Simple UI™. It also has a 'Notes' section so that you won't have to ditch nicely written notes from your personal website. It's your choice anyway.


  1. Simple and Clean UI™
  2. Shortcodes - Currently, it has two custom shortcodes. Both embed ASCIINema Casts and CanIUse data respectively into the page. (Of course, I plan to add more)
  3. Code Highlighting
  4. Click-to-copy Codes (maintains indentations)
  5. Notes - Uses rough-notations to spice things up
  6. Most importantly; this theme just works, without throwing any errors!!!


Check out some screenshots! Or you can check this theme in action here

hugo theme fiber
hugo theme fiber
hugo theme fiber
hugo theme fiber
hugo theme fiber
hugo theme fiber

(ignore those red lines at the bottom. they are coming from window manager)

How to Use

Since you made it up to here, I would assume you are interested in trying this theme out! Installation and Usage are documented in Readme.

It would be great if you Star this project on Github. This step is completely optional though ;)

Have a good day!

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Abdus Azad

Thank you!!