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Producthunt launch

Super excited to share Black Friday update of Vadoo 3.0 with you. We've been working on our new update for close to 4 months to level-up our product.

The problem

Creators and brands need to host content online and
building scalable online video solutions is hard and expensive and platforms like YouTube push your users away to your competition with Ads and suggestions.

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Our solution

  1. All in one solution ad-free solution for your video needs
  2. We allow your record or upload existing videos
  3. We encode and optimize videos to distributed across different locations and devices
  4. We provide marketing tools to market and build a deeper relationship with your users


How it works

You can build your video solution in just 3 steps 👇

☝️ Upload your videos or podcasts using our dashboard

✌️ Get your embed code or link

🙌 Integrate it on your blog, website, notion, webflow email or our landing page 🚀

⚙️ Integrations

We allow you to integrate with video platforms to import your videos, push marketing leads and publish videos.

  • Link or import videos from YouTube, Gdrive, Vimeo, AWS S3
  • Connect with other apps using Webhooks, APIs and platforms like Zapier & Integrately
  • Publish videos on Notion, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms

Vadootv is for?

  • Online Courses: Easily start an online class. Record yourself or your screen and share
  • Marketing: Record quick product demos & onboarding videos and spread your word
  • Support: Support your users better with tutorials and help videos
  • Sales: Send personalized video pitches. Ditch those emails, send across quick videos
  • Remote Communication: Skip long chats, accelerate team communication with videos

VadooTv Producthunt Launch

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Modern Community Platform

Great Source! Congrats

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Anil Chandra Naidu Matcha

Awesome share