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What's one thing that you hate and one thing that you love with Microsoft's software ecosystem?


I don't find open source support as many other communities have like Python, Java.
Which I think is changing now and may step they have taken like Visual Studio Code, the Cross-platform release of the .net environment. etc


Yeah I agree. VSCode, .NET Core, and Typescript are some of the projects that gives the impression that Microsoft is really invested with open source moving forward. I'm excited to see how it goes in the future.

Do you thinks VS Code could replace Visual Studio?

It depends on your workload, I think. VS is more of a heavy IDE for a Microsoft stack, while VSCode is a more of a jack of all trades text editor. And I'd probably use VSCode for a NodeJS project, while VS for a C# desktop app (though either can work). So yeah, they have overlaps on their use case but still target different workloads.


Can you please elaborate more on what technologies were you involved with, in what projects and for what customers?

Would be very interested. Thanks!


I am working on core, MongoDB, Redis, SQL Server.
Have working experience in technologies like ElasticSerch, Solr, Casandra, AWS, Azure...
I mostly design project structure and architecture.

I have worked on many projects in hotel management and Logistic
Currently, I am designing architecture for MetaOption Software for their project GOIS and Logistic

GOIS - Deals in Inventory Management
Logistic - Deals in Logistic Management like transportation auto roughing while transportation


Now that Microsoft owns GitHub, and GitHub is running on the latest version of Rails with plans to contribute back to the mothership more, will Microsoft be more involved in that ecosystem?


Is it? And if yes, why does SQL Server is still used for new projects, with so many open source and cloud alternatives? Is just the developers difficulty to change ships or it still adds value?


If you want to convince someone to move to Azure Cloud, how will you do it ?

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