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Contribute to your 1st Hacktober Fest

Is this your 1st Hacktoberfest? Don't worry! I have your back.
Here are the steps for generating your 1st legit pull request!

  1. You need to register yourself at Hacktober Fest Website
  2. After you register yourself, go to Github
  3. Now, in the search box, you can search for Hacktober Fest label. There will come a list of Repositories/Issues in the result.
  4. If you don't find that interesting, you can simply go in Explore and checkout various repositories.
  5. If that repository has a Hacktober Fest topic, congrats, you got a repo for contribution.
  6. Now, as you have repository, let's start contribution!
- Fork this repo to your account.
- Clone the repo to your pc.
- Now, make changes or do your contributions to the cloned repo.
- After you have done your contributions, commit the changes and push the commit to your repo.
- Now, go to your repo on github website and generate a **Pull Request**
- Go to [Hacktober Fest Profile Page] ( and you will see the PR generated there.
- Now, you need to wait for the Review period to end. 
- If your PR gets merged, congrats, you have got 1 PR counted for Hacktober Fest!!
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Happy Open Sourcing!!

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