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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta

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{My very first contribution to the open source during HACKTOBER-FEST 2021}

About Me

I am Abhishek Gupta a self learned programmer and still a tyro and I love to explore new things related to programming stuff and I am interested in WebDev

My Background

I am very new to this open source field and I thought that one have to be a pro-programmer to contribute to open source but then a came to know after my research that basic but clear knowledge of any programming language can help you in the contribution to the open source.


So, hacktoberfest-2021 started on 1st of October and in last week of September I started exploring about the open source and I felt confident somehow even though am not a pro-programmer.
I came through many podcast on the open sources and contributions in this field. And in October when fest started, I went to github and started to explore the suitable repos which are legit and hacktober-fest accepted. Because I came to know later that choosing the right repository which are legit is very tedious task because during the review period the repository which seems to be suspicious are removed. And later I found many of the repos and contributed with my best to them.


I had contributed to many repos. My very first contribution is in the project which is an anti-abuse API, then I had contributed to Anime Card website, in other repos I had added some DSA questions which are from the leet-code, this is how my contribution to open source keeps on moving forward.


My experience during the hacktoberfest was so thrilling as it gives you goosebumps when your PR is in progress and under review and gives you chill when it is successfully counted.
Whatever the reason behind the hacktoberfest I've concluded that it is the best way to develop interest for the open source to all the newbies like me who are unaware of the opportunities for this but are capable and deserving.

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