Script to move from Bitbucket Hg to Git

abitrolly profile image Anatoli Babenia ・1 min read

Bitbucket was born as a Mercurial hosting, and now the service is being stripped of Hg by Atlassian. Atlassian warned that it will just remove the repos. It doesn't seem to care to archive them. That's why you are here.

To use the script, you will need to edit REMOTE variable to point to your remote Mercurial repository. When your run the script, it will download hg-git, clone and convert your repo, and drop you into the shell in newly converted git repository, which you can immediately git push to GitHub, GitLab or another hosting of your choice.


set -x

NAME="$(basename $REMOTE)"

mkdir /tmp/"$NAME"
cd /tmp/"$NAME"
hg clone https://foss.heptapod.net/mercurial/hg-git
hg clone "$REMOTE"

mkdir "$NAME"-git
(cd "$NAME"-git &&
 git init)

(cd "$NAME" &&
 hg bookmarks hg &&
 hg --config extensions.hggit=../hg-git/hggit push ../"$NAME"-git)

(cd "$NAME"-git &&
 git checkout -b master hg &&

Mercurial is still awesome.


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