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Abhinav Maurya
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How Meditation help me to get better in Programming

Hello readers my name is Abhinav maurya and I’m frontend developer and heading up towards backend. This is my first article; I hope you’ll like it.

I have been doing programming from a year, I am a front-end web developer and I have done so many projects but I was not regular programmer what I mean by regular programmer is, I was not consistent I was not enthusiastic I was not curious enough towards programming I was just doing it because I have to do it for the sake of a job.

During first lockdown everyone was at their home scrolling social media so was I. While I was scrolling social media, I read some benefits of meditation I don’t know why but I got little curious about it so I went to the YouTube and did a little search. I got a lot of videos about it but, I watched 3-4 videos only. Then I went to the google and read some of the reviews from people who have been practicing meditation from a long time after reading 5-6 reviews I was motivated and triggered enough to practice it. So, I made a decision to start practicing meditation on a daily basis just for 5 minutes.

In this article I won’t teach you about “How to do Meditation” otherwise this article will be too long and boring too.

Month after practicing meditation on a daily basis, I felt more cleverness in decision making skills. I observed that my logical thinking has improved. Meditation gives me consistency for which I was craving from long time but by meditation I achieved it.
My patience level got better as a programmer you need to have more patience because you deal with so many errors on your professional life. Meditation gives you that patience and you start feeling more relax and also you start handling errors in more efficient way.

And Last but not the least as we all know one common benefit of meditation is that it improves your concentration level so you distract less while doing programming or any other work.

And when these qualities reflect from your personality other programmers not just programmers but also people get attract towards you. When you practice meditation on daily basis you create positive environment around you. So whoever comes in contact with you they start feeling more positive and more good vibes.

📃Few Points:
➡️ Don’t relate meditation with any religion, it’s not about spirituality it is just exercise for your brain.
➡️ The goal of meditation is not that you should have single thought at a time, the goal of meditation is that your mind should give you pop-up when second thought arises.
➡️ There is not any specific rule that you should practice it in the morning time only, you can sit for 5 mins whenever and wherever you want.

➡️ If you want to practice meditation and you are beginner, so just start with 5 mins and gradually increase time as per your comfort.
➡️ As a beginner practice chanting during meditation otherwise there might be chances that you will asleep.
➡️ Don’t expect overnight changes by practicing it, I have been doing it for a year and now I am observing changes within myself.
☢️ It is a long-term investment remember that.

➡️ As I already told you that it is my article so I just hope you like it. I gave my best to explain my experience and I’ll be very glad if you get inspire to do meditation by reading this article.
➡️ If you think there is any wrong point in this article, please let me know in the comment section and if you like this article, please give it a like, do comment and share with coding buddies & do follow me for such amazing and informative articles.

Thank You and Happy Diwali to All those who read this article till here ❤️✨.

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