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Let's Deep Dive into Full-stack Web Development

Hello readers, this is Abhinav maurya here, I’m a frontend developer and heading up towards backend.
In this article I am going to talk about those technologies which are being used for web development and you should learn it to become Full-stack Developer. Also, I'm going to talk about how you can learn those technologies, how much time you should spend with those techs and from which resources you can practice those technologies.
Before moving ahead with tech talks, ask yourself why you want to learn Web development?
📑Here is my answer :
➡️ Web development will be easy for you if you are new in programming world.
➡️ Every start-up or small business who wants to put their business online, they usually go for websites because websites are cheaper than applications. So, in future there will be lot of high demand for web developers.
➡️ Web development is fun also there is large developer community out there on twitter & LinkedIn, so you will get lots of help and guidance from other developers.

☢️Read this article till the end because I'm going to share some awesome links from where you can learn web development and practice it.

Okay, Now let's begin with tech talks. So, First Language you need to learn is:
🧑‍💻HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): HTML is not a programming language it’s a Markup language. It gives skeleton structure to your website.
✒️You can easily learn and master HTML & HTML5 within 15-20 Days, just giving 2-3 hours per day.

🧑‍💻CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): With the help of CSS, you can give style to your website, you can give beautiful layout to your website and make it responsive (make it available for all devices).
🧐Few important topics which you should cover while learning CSS:
➡️ Box-model.
➡️ Layouts (Flex, Grid).
➡️ Media Queries.
✒️Spend a month with HTML5 & CSS3 make at least 5 to 10 projects, try to make responsive projects.
📖Beginner Book for HTML & CSS:

❗it is optional.
🧑‍💻Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style sheets): Once you are pretty confident with CSS & CSS3 features, then shift to Sass. Sass is nothing its just pre-processor for CSS. it gives more power to your CSS and you can use it in small projects but it is mainly designed for big & complex projects.
✒️Spend a week or two week with Sass, this much time is enough to learning Sass.
📖Beginner Book for Sass:

🧑‍💻Bootstrap: As I already said that Sass is optional tech. So, if you are not going to learn Sass then start with Bootstrap framework. It is CSS Framework, it is one of the famous frameworks of CSS.
✒️You should spend 15-20 Days with Bootstrap, this much time is enough to learning Bootstrap and make at least 5 projects.

🧑‍💻JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language but there is other developers’ community who called it scripting language.
Remember, I told you HTML gives skeleton structure to your website, CSS gives style to that skeleton structure, Here comes JS it gives behavior to your styled skeleton structure.
JS is fun and also complex at the same time.
✒️So, you better spend at least 2 months with it. Make at least 10 projects to understand better how JS works.
🧐Few important topics which you should not ignore while learning JS:
➡️ DOM
➡️ BOM
➡️ ES6 Features (Most IMP).
✒️Spend more time with JS cause it’s going to play huge role in your web development journey.
📖Beginner Book for JavaScript:

🧑‍💻React: React is a JS library which is being used in frontend development. React is quite famous JS library and high in demand. ✒️Spend at least 1 month with react, Have fun while making project. Make at least 5 projects
📖Beginner Book for React:

📑So far, we have covered all famous & high demand techs of front-end.

Let’s jump into backend development🦘
🧑‍💻Node.js: Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Node.js is not a framework and it’s not a programming language, it is not even a library.
I know the above definition of Node.js is little complex & category of Node is also confusing but don’t worry once you start with Node.js all your doubt will be clear.
✒️You should spend at least 1 – 1.5 Month with NodeJS and make 5 projects to understand it better.
📖Beginner Book for NodeJS:

🧑‍💻Python: As we all know Python is quite famous, most in demand and beginner friendly language. It is also being used in web development, and apart from web development you should learn python basics to advance because it is very trending tech and has a very huge scope in future trends like AI, ML.
✒️You should spend at least 1.5 – 2 Month with Python and made at least 4 - 5 projects from the level of beginners to intermediate.
📖Beginner Book for Python:

🧑‍💻Django: Once you learn the basics and advance of python and you are pretty confident with it then start with Django framework of python which is being highly use in backend and it has a high demand in industry.
✒️You should spend 1 month with Django and make few projects.
📖Beginner Book for Django:

❗You don’t need to learn all of these techs. You can either go with node or with Django, both have their own specifications & advantages.

📑So far, we have done with backend techs now it is time to shift on database.

We have two databases one is SQL & the other one is MongoDB.
A newbie programmers think that MongoDB is trending and new one, so let’s learn MongoDB but my advice to all of you is First learn MySQL or SQL because it is traditional one and still being used in so many large & small projects. MongoDB is specifically design for large projects which has large & complex data.
✒️You should spend 1 – 1.5 month with databases and you can almost master it.
📖Beginner Book for MongoDB:
📖Beginner Book for SQL:

Now one last tech you need to learn is Git & GitHub.
🧑‍💻Git: is a version control system.

🧑‍💻GitHub: is a web-based user Interface which uses git.

😴In Simple Words: With the help of git you can track changes in your projects, you can push your projects to GitHub & make it available for the world, with the help of GitHub you can host your project for free.
📖Beginner Book for Git:

📃Best YouTube Channels for learning Web Development:

  1. freeCodeCamp.
  2. GeeksforGeeks.
  3. Devslopes.
  4. Clever Programmer.
  5. edureka!.
  6. EduRise.
  7. CodeWithHarry {Those who prefer "Hindi Tutorial"}
  8. Programming With Mosh.
  9. Traversy Media.
  10. Telusko.

📃Best Websites for Projects:

  1. Frontend Mentor.
  2. 30 Seconds of Code.
  3. CodeWell.
  4. CSSbattle.
  5. Treehouse.
  6. Coderbyte.
  7. Javascript30.

📃Few Points:
➡️ In every tech I have told you how much time you should spend but that doesn’t mean that you should spend that much time only. Learn according to your comfort and take as much time as you need but understand concept properly.
➡️ If you have observed in the article I have written “you almost master it”. I have used word almost because no one can fully master it, techs are being update according to the need and also competition with other techs. So there is always something new to learn.

➡️ As a beginner there might be chances that you will stuck in the loop of tutorials. So instead of just watching tutorials practice along with tutorials.
➡️ “Make you hand dirty” means write as much code as you can don’t be afraid of errors and failure. Errors and failure comes to conqueror you take it as a positive way and solve it.
➡️ Project based learning are the best way to learn & master techs so make projects.
➡️ Don’t rush to finish things quickly if you rush now, you’ll face difficulties later. So better give enough time to learn and understand concepts properly.
➡️ Do not learn 2 – 3 programming languages together, one-by-one finish it all.
➡️ Be active on LinkedIn, twitter and, You will find lot of amazing developers’ community here. So many tech bloggers are there you can follow them and ask any doubt of yours they will revert back to you and guide you.
Slow and Steady Wins the race.

➡️ There are also lot of other languages which are being used for frontend & backend but I have discussed about those languages which I have used and in high demand from job perspective.
➡️ I have shared my best knowledge and give you a path to become Full-Stack Developer. If you follow this path properly then within a 8 – 9 months you will find yourself as a Full-Stack developer.

❤️Thank you so much reader if you have read it till here,
I hope you love this article if you loved it, give it a like.
If you have found it meaningful give it a unicorn & bookmark it as well. If you have found any point which is not correct feel free to let me know in comment section. Share it with your coding buddies so they will also get to know about these awesome techs.
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