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Mobile application development Review(android/ios), Native React js Or flutter Dot

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We would be taking your review on which you think is better to use React Native or Flutter but first let me sumarise what mobile mobile application development is and the types.
Application Development is the process of developing a mobile application for mobile device like ios/andriod. There are 3 type of mobile development which are Native, web and hybrid applications.

Native applications

are built to target a specific Iperating system, we all know iOS application won't work on Android and vice verse.
what developers use

IOS -> swift or objective C
Android -> java
Windows phone ->Net
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Mobile Web applications

they make your website downloadable to your device like converting your website to application making it a mobile website.
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Hybrid application

has cross platform compatibility it's the mixture of both native and web applications.
what developers use

React native
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We want to talk on which is better for developers React or Flutter

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  1. React by Facebook is a js framework in which javascript is a very popular language among developers and it is really easy to install but they assume developers know how to set it up with no setup guide for Android projects, react native has more developer support since it started 2015 but with no great support for UI testing.
  2. Flutter by Google uses dart which is not really popular among developers and most developers see it has stress learning it but it is very easy to use and understand , it takes longer time installing but offers more documentation and support for configuration and set up , flutter doesn't have much developer support since it started 2017 but with time it would, they have great support for UI testing.
My Review

According to what I think I believe using react is better because all developers uses javascript for development it easier to learn and use react Native cause it's not really different from React.
Your Review

Tell us what you feel, which is better to use React or Flutter???

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Everything depends on the needs. Every startup that is growing should take hands on Flutter/RN. Easy learning curve (mostly for web devs) and fast iterations. But if the app starts to scale, you need the robustness and performance Native development gives you.

On a side note, Airbnb dropped react native like 4-5 years ago I think, and Facebook/Instagram are native apps with React-Native modules for screens that initially were a WebView. They have more info on their engineering blogs.


Thanks a lot, but have u tried using react native? I agree flutter is a little bit better but react is improving fast and the community and people really would help u when u face an issue, I was actually advised to learn react native and drop flutter when I started


Hi, I haven't tried React native yet but I have been in talks about it. It is way better to write and style UI in react-native/flutter than in Android native IMO.

The community is a very good point, since you will easily find support for common and not too common issues.

Learn what you like or what you are more curious about! Today Google supports Flutter but tomorrow they may not. Same for Facebook and same on reverse (supporting flutter instead of native). As a developer we need to be prepared to change our tech stack in any moment


I think it would unfair not to mention how terrible the whole build process of react native apps are and the absolute madness of js dependencies :) recently even facebook ditched react native in favour of native swift application due to how bloated react native has become (infoq.com/news/2020/03/facebook-me...).

In flutter, on the other hand, you can have static typing, good build tools and excellent language in general. While I am not a mobile developer, I could read and write Dart without looking at language docs so there's very little learning curve. While starting with react native is quite difficult as you have to understand many tools that try to work under the hood to make it happen and then if you try building some more complex application, you will definitely encounter many weird issues :)


Thanks for your response, we really appreciate and acknowledge your contributions