Flutter for Web Developers

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On Friday I had the honor of speaking to the SFHTML5 meetup group about Flutter. Here is the recording of the presentation.

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I'm excited for "Hummingbird for Web Developers".
Oops... 🤭
Great Presentation. I will watch this video after work. Another promising would be to do Flutter on Desktop. I'm still waiting for it in the upcoming I/O 19 this May.


I don't know if you've read this but it has me excited for flutter for desktop too 😀


This was posted before Flutter Live. If you've watched Flutter Live announcements made by Tim Sneath. He announced that Hummingbird and Flutter Desktop will have its preview version in Google I/O 19. I've read that article, but it's different from the flutter-desktop-embedding repo.

AFAIK the flutter-desktop-embedding uses Visual Studio as a debugger while the article presents that it's in the IntelliJ/Android Studio. There's still bugs such as screen resolution causes error while detecting its screen orientation(Portrait or Landscape) on windows.

Also I'm a flutterian guy. I even made my own Dash(Dart's mascot) Flat Design using Flare2D.


Do our boops still work? Asking for a friend 🤥


Yes! Although there probably isn't anyone reading them right now.

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