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Collection of Linux Resources

Below, you'll find a collection of Linux resources categorized into resource types - videos, books, sites, etc. I hope it will serve you well in your journey of becoming a Linux Master ;)

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Learn Linux Sites for Beginners

Name Description
Linux Journey Guides ordered by topic with exercises
Techmint Linux written articles/lessons
Linux Survival Interactive guide
Linuxcommand Learn the ways of the command line
Ryanstutorials written guides for beginners
Vim Adventures Learn how to use Vim by playing a game
LYM Focuses on the command line. While it's great, I wouldn't start from it

Linux Videos

Blogs & News sites

Name Comments
Phoronix News
nixCraft Blog, Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials
thegeekstuff Blog on Linux, Open Source and other topics
Brendangregg Blog which focuses on Linux Performances
Enable Sysadmin Red Hat blog which focuses on Linux System Administration

Linux Books

Title Comments
The Linux Command Line Free. Great for learning the command line
Linux Bible Not Free, covers many beginner and advanced topics
A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming Not Free. Focusing on practical learning with many examples
Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference There is a free version
Linux Bible Not Free. Covers many beginner and also advanced topics Free. Little bit outdated (2015)
Modern Operating Systems Not Free. Covers advanced topics. Deep dive into Linux Internals
Understanding the Linux Kernel Not Free. Advanced. Deep dive into Linux kernel
Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces Great book on Operating System internals


Title Comments
Man pages The online version of man command
The Linux Documentation Project pure greatness

Linux Development Books

Forums and Communities

Online Courses (Not Free)

Name Description
Linux Academy great courses. pay yearly or monthly
Udemy payment per course


Name Comments Linux Kernel archives
GamingOnLinux Gaming on Linux
DistroWatch Discussions and reviews of Linux distributions
DistroTest Test a distro online before actually using it
Linux From Scratch For crazy people who would like to build a custom Linux :)
KaliTutorials shhh...
explainshell write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
Unix Philosophy Name says it all...
CommandlineFu Great command-line gems

Top comments (5)

ghost profile image

You silly, Linux from Scratch is not for all, but for very crazy people, and people who is plain crazy and didn't realize that you should also check BLFS because the plain LFS is pretty useless by itself. Besides that, great list! You should also check

abregman profile image
Arie Bregman

lol, editing mistake. Linux from Scratch is definitely not for everyone. Fixed and thanks for the suggestion, added it to the list.

garthvador profile image
Quentin Caillaud • Edited

You made a copy/paste mistake on the Nixcraft link I think, it also point to Phoronix... ;)

Still a great list !

abregman profile image
Arie Bregman

Thank you :) Fixed

baudouinvh profile image
Baudouin Van Humbeeck

Sadly, distrotest doesn't exist anymore.