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Tips for beginner programmers from a professional

Hello everyone, I have accumulated in my observations a lot of useful tips on how to start learning programming, how to move on. I will tell you from my experience what you can do and what you can't do. How and where to go next if you get bored or you just get lost. I am sure that each of them will help both beginners and confident programmers. You will still get this experience, I'm just giving you a chance to do it earlier and not on your mistakes.

  1. Don't learn programming on other people's projects by video. This is a very bad approach. A person who shows his own development may not know the right solution and teach it to others, and you will not even know about it, because you will remember the wrong approach.

  2. Do not try to create your own project that you came up with during the training. You will learn only what is useful to you for it, but you will know programming very narrowly. I advise you to learn the language using simple mathematical examples or problems. You can find good practice and elegant solutions on sites like Hackerrank or CodeWars. Their people arrange puzzles according to difficulty levels, and if you have solved them (or not), you can see what the most optimal solution will be. It helps to learn how to act effectively and solve other people's problems, and in the comments, you will see a lot of ingenious solutions.

  3. Try to learn consistently. Even if you are not interested in some topic in the language - force yourself to understand it. not to learn by heart, but to understand what its idea is, what is the meaning of this functionality

  4. Pay more attention to books, not articles or videos. In the books, all explanations are structured and go sequentially. Otherwise, you will just learn pieces of the same pie, after a week you will not be able to reproduce it.

  5. Try to reproduce any new function or information in the code yourself. Do it yourself, what have you learned. You've learned the list - make it up, play with it. Come up with a simple idea of where to use it.

  6. Do not burn out. If you get bored, just switch to another idea, but be sure to come back in a few days. It helps.

  7. Communicate with the community. Look for people with common interests. Alone you may never find out what other people know

  8. Don't close in one language guys! Try to look around your tongue. Often people find themselves not in what they started to learn. They find their interest in what they stumbled upon in the process of the main study. A good programmer knows several languages or technologies.

  9. Do not follow someone's training on the heels. When learning something new, try to use this information yourself and not rewrite the example from the video.

  10. Don't learn to program for the money. Programming is your hobby, it's your entertainment, your favorite activity in the evening after work. Money should be a reward for effort, not the result of work.

  11. Don't be afraid to offer yourself in other people's ideas and projects. If you already know the basics of programming well but are in doubt, remember - on the other hand, the same as you. He is strong in one thing, but maybe he is weak to your strong side. You will never know how strong you are if you are not appreciated by others.

  12. Look for a way to motivate yourself! If you feel that you have lost interest - start a new project, come up with an interesting idea, write an article about your skills. Try yourself in Freelancing. Don't be afraid to screw up. You won't get anything if you don't do anything. Close your eyes and break into this world of programming with a run if you're scared)

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Retiago Drago

Those are very quite good points you make. I also do recommend beginners to love reading documentation since it will help to gain knowledge about what function/method is about as a whole. I provide it on one of my posts 6 shortcuts on how to access the documentation instantly on Google Colab. Hope it helps! ๐Ÿ˜„

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Vadim Kolobanov

Thanks) It's can help others))