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In-browser live Javascript chart editor using Vue.js

Hi Dev community,

Today, I launched my first "in-browser live javascript chart editor".

It's a tool that will allow you, assuming you know a bit of Javascript and are used with some charting library (D3, C3 or Chart.js) to quickly build any kind of chart.

With this, say goodbye to long working hours playing with Google Sheets, Excel and other charting software. Use the tools that you already know: JavaScript.

Tell me what you think about it :)

How does it work?

  1. Get your data source (it can be anything, from CSV to JSON, or other)
  2. Parse and transform it using javascript
  3. Preview the output
  4. Make a D3 / C3 / Chart.js charting code
  5. Get it live, in your browser


The idea to build this tool came from the observation that many data analyst use tools such as matplotlib to make complex graphs out of local data. But, unfortunately, there is no such tool for Javascript developers. Moreover, most of these tools often require a local setup, which is not very fancy to maintain if you only want to build a few charts from time to time.

Use our Online chart tools from your browser instead.

Tech details

  • Built using Vue.js
  • Without backend
  • Published on Github Pages

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