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Gideon Acromond
Gideon Acromond

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5 Simple Steps to Becoming a 10x Developer

As a software developer, it is often tempting to strive for the title of a "10x developer." This term, popularized by the tech industry, refers to a developer who is capable of producing ten times the amount of code or value as their peers.

While the concept of a 10x developer may seem daunting, it is possible to achieve it with dedication and hard work. Here are five steps to becoming a 10x developer:

1. Master your chosen programming language.

Before you can even begin to think about becoming a 10x developer, you must first have a strong foundation in your chosen programming language. This means thoroughly understanding the syntax, semantics, and best practices for your language. It also means staying up-to-date with new developments and trends within the language.

To master your language, consider attending conferences, workshops, and online courses. Also, make sure to practice regularly and work on personal projects to improve your skills.

2. Develop strong problem-solving skills.

As a developer, you will often be faced with complex problems and challenges. To overcome these obstacles and produce high-quality code, you must have strong problem-solving skills.

To develop these skills, focus on breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable tasks. Also, practice looking at problems from different angles and considering multiple solutions before deciding on the best one.

3. Understand the business value of your work.

As a 10x developer, you must be able to produce code that functions well and has a positive impact on the business. This means understanding the business value of your work and aligning it with the goals and objectives of the company.

To do this, communicate regularly with stakeholders and team members to understand their needs and priorities. Also, focus on developing solutions that are scalable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

4. Build strong collaboration and communication skills.

In today's agile development environments, collaboration and communication are key to success. As a 10x developer, you must be able to work effectively with others, share your ideas and expertise, and provide constructive feedback.

To develop these skills, practice active listening and empathy. Also, focus on building strong relationships with your team members and stakeholders. This will enable you to better understand their needs and work together to achieve common goals.

5. Stay current with industry trends and developments.

The tech industry is constantly changing and evolving, and as a 10x developer, it is important to stay current with the latest trends and developments. This means staying up-to-date with new technologies, frameworks, and best practices.

To do this, consider attending conferences and workshops, reading industry blogs and publications, and networking with other developers. Also, make sure to regularly test and experiment with new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, becoming a 10x developer is not an easy task. It requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to constantly learn and improve. However, with the right mindset and approach, it is possible to achieve this level of expertise and become a valuable asset to any development team.

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mstine profile image
Matt Stine

Not only is the 10x developer a myth, it's a toxic myth inspired by toxic Silicon Valley bro-dev culture. While your 5 points of professional development are wonderful goals for a developer to go after, please don't market them under this banner.

linussjobro profile image
Linus Sjöbro

I was hoping to see this comment!

bxio profile image

It’s not a myth, it’s real. I’ve seen a guy make to 11x.

pasdut profile image

I am already at 9.75 x

foxonthe1 profile image
Fox Scarlett

True, and the word "simple" is doing some heavy lifting here as well.

brense profile image
Rense Bakker

This again? Really? Its almost 2023. Lets move on people :)
Its extremely arrogant and narcisistic to think you are 10x better than your peers. Grandiose narcissism is a dangerous disease with only victims:

beardedbry profile image

There is no secret sauce other than time and effort. I don't know about 10x as goal, but becoming senior level would be good.

aarone4 profile image
Aaron Reese

You have sort of missed the point about a 10x developer. As many have already replied, the XXD is a myth in the sense of turning out 10x code or value. For me the 10x developer has the following traits:
Instills a sense of calm and sensibility and deflects/rejects development requirements that make no sense or cannot be justified on an ROI basis.
They instil good working practices in their peers and direct reports including test coverage, automated ci/cd builds, code reviews and source code management.
They adopt good practices such as SOLID, clean code and pragmatic programming. They use conventions for naming of projects, files and variables/functions so that things are easy to reason about. They use the same programming convention s each time when there are options available (e.g. fetch or axios, async-await or promises) and use industry standards (e.g. req and res for request and response)
They use their soft skills to persuade the powers that be to leave enough time for technical debt, R&D and personal development so that individuals, the team and organization can stay at the cutting edge.

nosknut profile image

I am 2 years into a masters program after spending a few years working in the software industry. Trust me. Looking at the difference between some and others of my peers, there is absolutely something such as individuals who do 10x as much as others. Be it a matter of IQ, experience or confidence, the difference is extrememy noteworthy.

lassazvegaz profile image
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A typical reply from a uni person

pasdut profile image

How do you define a 10x dev?
Can he generate code 10x as fast? Just copy paste around and you quickly reach that target. And 10x the number of bugs...
Or does he think 10x as much, before even to start spitting out code? The loc will then be 10x as low, but bugs is also 10x as low, 10x as much maintainability.
So what exactly does the 10x refers to...?

morokhovskyi profile image
Morokhovskyi Roman

Thanks for the material, "Build strong collaboration" it’s the most important point, 100% agree

oscarrodar profile image
Oscar Rodriguez Arroyo

What if you add training material to each point? I don't think you'll get the 10x boost but for sure you'll get a boost in your day to day performance.

lassazvegaz profile image

All that matters is how you want it.
Is programming part of your life or is it just a source of income?

rayhan_nj profile image
Raihan Nismara

i prefer called in the zone mode

mangosaver profile image

What a silly term. I hope no one takes this seriously

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