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Favourite Part of Gamedev?

Adam Roynon
Software Engineer, Computer Science Bsc.
・1 min read

What is your favourite part of creating games?

Music, art, programming, marketing, finishing, promoting, testing, etc.

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I've worked on both the dev and publishing side of things, so exposed to pretty much everything (either did myself or attended meetings with those that did).

Personally, I find most of publishing a bit dull. Some of the marketing is kind of interesting, but a lot is often passed to agencies. The data analytics of player behaviour/sentiment is pretty fascinating.

Me, I'm in it for the tech. There aren't many industries that hit such a broad problem space: memory/CPU/GPU/IO limits, network bandwidth/latency, security, server scalability/response time, math, optimization, cutting-edge hardware/APIs, and so on. There's pretty significant changes every few years such that I rarely end up doing the same thing for very long and there's always new things to learn and work on.

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Adam Roynon Author

Great answer. I'm not in the game dev space, I've built some small things in the past but I want to explore indie game dev on the side. I agree with you, the marketing and publishing doesn't seem nearly as interesting as the actual tech parts.

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