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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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What is your development philosophy?

... oh this is going to be a big one I can feel it.

I believe that you can never have too many unfinished projects and that code should be smarter than table but dummer than dog, high performance is not important for most applications and finally statistics where percentages are used, are always questionable 100%

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grant horwood
  1. you should be able to reverse engineer everything from the docs
  2. you should be able to reverse engineer everything from the comments
  3. you should be able to reverse engineer everything from the tests
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Isaac Lyman

Really good take

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Sherry Day

Leave the code better than you found it

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Kevin Peckham • Edited

Great code is either insanely practical or alarmingly simple. Or both. Just don’t expect to get there on the first shot. Edit, revise, refactor, repeat until you’ve wrung all the water out.

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Serhii Vasylenko

Make each program do one thing well β€” quite enough for the most projects πŸ˜…

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Patrick Wendo

Makes sure it works correctly, then optimize.

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Software engineering is an art and a science–but rarely both at once.πŸ‘½β€‹

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Gaurav Saini

When giving estimates, I always like to reserve time for thinking and planning. Roughly 20% of the time is the sweet spot for me and a pen and paper are my tools of choice for this.
This philosophy has been a life saver numerous times, and not just when I’m coding.

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Think about the problem, then make it work, then make it better!

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Andrew Baisden

If there are gaps in your knowledge learn the necessary information and technologies so that you are always improving.

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Jessica Veit

Quality before Quantity πŸ˜‰

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Guilherme Thomas

There's always something to learn.

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Thomas Hansen

Simple is good, simpler even better :)