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Three great places to start learning HTML

I'm always on the hunt for great learning resources — both for myself, and for anyone who asks me how to get started as a developer. 

There are a lot of places to learn HTML on the web, but it's hard to find one that works if you have zero prior experience. It's easy to think you're starting at square one, only to discover it's not actually square one, and now you're completely lost in the woods, it's dark and scary, there are glowing eyes in the trees, JS frameworks are popping up to say "Boo!" every thirty seconds, someone on the trail ahead is screaming about web assembly, you can hear bubble sorts and whiteboards howling in the distance, you have no idea what any of this means, and you just want to go home!

I can't say I blame you.

To avoid all that confusion, here are three absolute beginner's HTML resources I highly recommend to anyone who's looking to dip their tippy-toes in the infinite web development ocean and come away unscathed. These are all extremely beginner-friendly, and totally free-free (as in, you won't even need to spend an email address).

Your very-not-scary HTML journey starts here:

I suggest going through all three, in this order. They'll cover similar content, but come at it from slightly different angles. You can probably get through everything in an afternoon. After that you'll have a great foundation to tackle a longer, more in-depth HTML or CSS course.

Good luck! And let me know about your favorite, beginner-friendly, free-free resources.

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Thanks, nice article.

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Adam Lombard

You're welcome! 😊