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Hello everyone!
I am a third-year software engineering student and I have to work on my dissertation project this year. I'm really not sure what I will work on and I have only a few days left to choose my topic.
My favorite language is python. I am also good in creating stuff by myself so I was thinking of creating something in the field of robotics with Raspberry PI or Arduino. I have seen a couple of projects like these, I don't have experience with them but I just need something which is not too complex.
Please let me know your suggestions (also other software-engineering related topic) or any question that you have!

Thank you for you help! I really appreciate it!!!

Ps. I am new to this community


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Jordan Gregory

First of all, welcome to the community.

Second, I think the robotics idea is a great one and there are LOTS of ideas out there in that vein, although, it gets kind of expensive pretty quickly.

The biggest thing is that you do something that actually interests you based on the defense you will have to provide.

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Addd12 Author

Thank you!
When you say expensive, is that in terms of money or effort/time?
And yes, I find this field very interesting, that's why I'm choosing it. However, I haven't decided what I'll do.

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Jordan Gregory

Expensive both lol.

Robotics projects never feel quite done to me, so I'm always buying another sensor or improving models and such lol.