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So you want to learn Rust?

Here's my favorite Rust educational resources!
If you're new to Rust, I recommend starting with "the book" and then Easy Rust.

Websites (books)

The Rust Programming Language

The Rustonomicon

Rust By Example

Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists

The Little Book of Rust Books (collection of books)

Rust Cookbook

Rust and WebAssembly

A Gentle Introduction to Rust

Learning Rust

Rust for the Polyglot Programmer

The Little Book of Rust Macros

Rust Language Cheat Sheet

Rust CLI Book

Are we web yet

A half an hour to learn Rust

Guide to RustC Development

Effective Rust

Rust Design Patterns

Command Line Applications In Rust

Advanced Macros

Easy Rust OR GH Page

Youtube Channels

Let’s get Rusty

Rhymu’s Videos

Jon Gjengset

Bedroom Builds

Chris Hay

Microsoft Developer

Code to the Moon

Thomas Holloway



Actix Web




Refactoring to Rust

Rust for Rustaceans

Rust in Action

Code Like a Pro in Rust

Zero To Production In Rust

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Thank you!

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Thanks mate, it will help.

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Abhay Singh

Thank you 😊

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