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Browser hacks for Dark Mode in PDFs! πŸ¦‰

Dear dark mode lovers,
In this article I present a few hacks to view PDFs in dark mode on any browser! πŸ”₯

To get started, open any PDF in your favorite browser. Then open the dev tools by using the shortcut ctrl + shift + I or f12 and run one of the following in the console based on your browser:

New Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome/Brave/Opera

document.embeds[0].style.filter = 'invert(0.95)';
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document.getElementById('viewerContainer').style.filter = 'invert(0.95)';
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This is the original image:
Original Image

Here is the result after running the script:
Dark Mode

πŸ’‘ You can change 0.95 to any number between 0 and 1.

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