Scalability resources

adityavarma1234 profile image Aditya Varma Originally published at adityavarma1234.github.io on 惻1 min read

Few resources I know of to learn about scalability in web apps.

  • High scalability by Todd Hoff link
  • Scalability for dummies 4 part series link
  • Storage scalability on interview bit link
  • System Design on interview bit link

Please let me know in the comments if you know anything else. May be a good book that I can look into. But from my experience I can only learn this thing from experience.


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Dev.to needs to fix their clock. The blurb beneath their title on today, August 10, 2018, shows:

Aditya Varma Github logo Aug 9 Originally published at adityavarma1234.github.io on Sep 06, 2018

Wow, posted in the future!


It is easy to game the system. Just use the wrong date when you are publishing on your own personal blog.

That's what I did and to my horror the blog was not visible then I realised my mistake.


Or someone uses the European style of dates. So September 6, 2018 may have been from 9/6/2018, which in Europe is June 9, 2018.

Yeah, we let folks keep their own date from rss, obviously we overlooked this. Bug fix incoming!