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Adrian Bece
Adrian Bece

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Do you use CSS frameworks or create your own (frameworks, toolkits)?

During my career, I've seen a lot of approaches when styling a website: using a popular framework (Bootstrap, Tailwind, Skeleton), combining a popular framework with a custom toolkit, using your own custom-built framework, etc.

What are your thoughts behind this? When to use one, and when to use the other?

Personally, I've not been using frameworks lately at all, as I've become more experienced and proficient with CSS. But I try to keep it as simple and maintainable as possible, so I do not build a complicated build chain (with Gulp) and I use npm handle the updates.

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Nicholas Stimpson

The problem is that the design of CSS leaves no space for frameworks, so any framework has, by necessity, to bastardize CSS to its end. So, no I'd rather use CSS the way it was designed to work, and therefore not use a framework.

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Rob Levin

Hey Adrian. So, I'd call them libraries not frameworks personally. Yes, I use and I've created AgnosticUI which is a CSS component library. But I also like to write custom raw platform CSS. It's great exercise so to speak. My strategy is to have a large work project, a large side project, and many many toy small projects for learning.

I think you'll find this is a good approach for CSS, JavaScript or any code you'd like to learn. Hope this comment adds some sort of value 😄 🍰 ⭐

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