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Made the switch to Discord from Slack or MS Teams? Want to hear your thoughts

Adrian Bece
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Our team is considering moving from Slack to Discord and we want to know if anyone else has made the switch and how it affected their communications, productivity, performance, etc.

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David Mendoza (He/Him)

Hi, my startup has around 3 months now on discord, we love it.
Mostly because of the free bots and no cap for texting or video calls (yeah we are kind of cheaps we didn't wanted to buy slack).

Best thing for us is being able to play music while having our scrum ceremonies

btw we went slack > ms teams > discord

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Médéric Burlet

We are a startup of about 15-20 people and we use Discord as our daily driver for communication.


  • Amazing ambiant sound reduction
  • Easily configurable roles, rooms to create rooms just for projects or specific info.
  • Many bots you can use if you use google calendar, trello and more for direct integration
  • Very fast and simple to use (slack i find is always slow)
  • If you handle your roles properly you could even have rooms for direct contact with clients (any new user is sent to a room where they cant see anything else and them can give them as admin a specific role)

Down Sides:

  • No encryption. Discord is not like RocketChat for instance and it does not support end-to-end encryption yet it does have basic encryption but not end-to-end so if one day discord gets hacked well chances are hackers might get the chat history (not sure how long history is kept and if it is encrypted)
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Chris Bongers

Our development party moved to Discord we haven't onboarded the rest of the company, thinking they might not be so open to it.

For us however it works perfectly, multiple "meeting" rooms, multiple chats, very organized.
one-on-one possible.

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i have done this years ago, discord isn't the best but its super fun and has alot more features. we have been using this a lot on our projects on github for development. I personally prefer its code formatting, and screen sharing.. However the new visual studio code has a live share which works like google docs for your IDE, and live chat. Im sure there is also a video conference plugin someone is workingon with WebRTC.. i do find that for large enterprises i think slack is better to admin. discord can get sprawling. discord is also basically free. its become alot more stable this year, so i recommend it.

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Ami Amigo

Really? I thought MS Teams was one of the unicorns of Microsoft...such a beautiful and useful app