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Thoughts on company culture & team alignment

Recently I've learned a thing or two about company culture and how it impacts teams. People sometimes think in a superficial way: a person is either a good team player or not. But the answer is a bit more complex since we ourselves are quite complex.

When forming teams or adding new members to a team, it's important to think about aligning them by their values, work ethic, biases, etc. When the company culture is properly managed, people are incredibly productive, collaborative, driven, friendly, healthy and happy.

It's a much more thoughtful process than putting a bunch of people in the same room, assuming they'll get along, be productive and motivated just because it's their job to do so. Depending on the company culture, an individual either thrives or stagnates.

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Adrian Bece

I appreciate your take on this topic. I agree with you on the point that two people with different values can work together towards the common goal, but as long as the differences in values and disagreements on a personal level do not overshadow the desire to achieve the goal.

And I agree with you on the last point, it's important at least to create a non-toxic environment.

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Adrian Bece

Hi Neil. Thanks for taking an interest in my post.

I was recently working on an app for a company that provides HR tools. more specifically, i was working on a management tool for companies and teams that takes into the account company culture, team and individual personality and alignment. It's while working on that app that I've learned about the concept of company culture and started noticing it.

Hopefully, this clears things up a bit.