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What are the essential non-dev skills every developer should have?

Hello everyone, this week I've asked myself what non-dev skills should every dev have and I would like to know your thoughts on the subject.

Most of the skills that I've thought of are part of the soft skills term.

Soft skills include adaptability, attitude, communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, networking, decision making, positivity, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

Another skill that I would like to add is Stress Management skill. It's important to keep your head cool and clear mind in order to be most effective while under increased stress.

Let me know what are, in your opinion, the essential non-dev skills every developer should have?

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Matt Lintz

Salesmanship is one area I am very poor at.

I don't mean at being able to sell products or services, I mean selling ideas and direction to co-workers and management.

This could probably be considered communication but with the purpose of inspiring and convincing.

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The first ones that come to my mind are empathy and patience (basically just staying human while working with computers so much).

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Lautaro Lobo

Emotional Intelligence. Mindfulness. Staying calm and knowing how to communicate correctly are key.

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Ionel Cristian Lupu

A great dev is a great communicator that has the ability to adapt to the project and the team. Also, he shouldn't resist when the environment changes.

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

I would recommend avoiding permanent stress over "managing" it.

When I'm looking for jobs, I take great care of guessing if that's a calm productive workplace.