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Resource List - What Twitch streams and YouTube channels for developers do you follow?

I've compiled a list of YouTube channels and Twitch streams for developers at the bottom of the post, to save everyone the hassle of navigating comments. I want to turn this into a resource post so that everyone can find their favorite developer creator.

Last edit: 2019-07-18: added Jason Lengtorf to the Twitch list

They say an image is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, what is a video worth?

It's true that developers prefer to consume information either in written or in audio format. Articles, books, audiobooks, podcasts... most of this information can be consumed while doing something else. Yet there are some things that only video can provide.

Shameless plug - I am currently running a weekly news show on YouTube at Front End Nexus. I know of two other people here who do video: Tim Ermilov and Bryan Robinson.

On the wide web, there's a lot of great videos on Jen Simmons' channel, Layout Land, although it has been quiet recently. I will have a look tomorrow through my bookmarks and subscriptions and come with a list myself.

Are you subscribed to a YouTube channel dedicated to developers? What are your favorite ones? Please share it with us. Even better - do you have a channel like this?

What about Twitch streamers? I know of many developers who are coding live. Do you have one you are following?

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Andrei Gatej

Thanks for sharing!

I would highly recommend checking out Fredrik Christenson’s yt channel!

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Adrian Sandu

Added to the list. Thanks for sharing.