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10 Web Designs in 1 Hour - Design Challenge

TLDR I Designed 10 Websites in a single hour recording the whole thing for YouTube! Florin Pop then developed them all!

I was inspired by a recent post by Florin Pop where he created 10 JavaScript Projects in 10 hours. So we teamed up. Not only that, we decided to make this even more insane by upping the difficulty and doing the whole thing in a single hour.

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The first part will involve me designing 10 websites from different categories in a single hour. This only gives me about 6 minutes per design. The second part will happen on Florins channel where he will develop those 10 designs.

The real question is, what’s more difficult, the design phase or the development phase! Here is a quick rundown of the types of website designs!

  1. Automotive Car Design
  2. Restaurant Food Design
  3. Shoe Footwear Design
  4. Fashion Clothes Design
  5. Tourism Landscape Design
  6. News Magazine Design
  7. Legal Law Firm Design
  8. TV Video Streaming Design
  9. Technology IT Design
  10. Portfolio Resume Design

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Figma Designs:

I don’t always have time to create content, between a full time job, family and live, everyday feels short and fast. This is why I enjoyed this challenge so much. Nothing we do can ever be perfect. We can however focus on getting it done. With this in mind, knowing that it’s possible to both design and develop websites in just an hour or two should make it feel possible for those both overwhelmed or starting out.

I will put the designs on Figma for those who are interested to see, and I am sure that all the code for the 10 websites will also be on github by Florin.

I honestly want to provide more valuable content that is both engaging and interesting for people to watch. It’s hard to figure out what people want to watch, but having challenges and adding pressure is something fun and new to test out.

If you want to know more about me or Florin, I definitely think you should check out our channels, as we are both new and working hard to grow.

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Florin Pop

It was a great challenge! Thanks for partnering with me! πŸ˜„