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10 Website Go-Live Checklist Items

When preparing to put a website online for the first time, it's very important to make sure you check and double-check it's been tested and ready.

I wanted to cover the 10 checklist items I go through when making sure a website is ready to be put online. These include:

  1. Backup of the previous and new site is done
  2. Check browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and yes IE)
  3. Check responsive design (ultra-widescreen, desktop, tablet, phone)
  4. Remove test content and demo pages
  5. Click on every link to test and ensure there are no failures
  6. Add Google Analytics tracking
  7. Add Google Webmasters and a sitemap
  8. Add Google Recaptcha to any contact forms
  9. Ensure all plugins and modules are up to date
  10. Social Media sharing is setup (eg og-images)

10 Website Go-Live Checklist Items

There are heaps of other little ones, but these are normally the top 10 ones that I use to check. A lot of sites I am doing are usually for SME businesses that run on WordPress, but if you have custom systems, security would be another big list item on here too!

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leob • Edited

Nice checklist and a great topic so this looked promising, but then right away I'm disappointed to see that it's just a Youtube video. Not my thing, can't you do a transcript or a short article?

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Adrian Twarog

Hey there, that's exactly why I thought I would summaries the 10 for the article for those who don't want a longer version to watch. But good point though, I might do a bigger write up next time in general so for those who don't want to watch a video on it can read it instead. 😅

leob profile image

Yes even these 10 bullet points are already useful just to get started, I've even bookmarked it for my latest project :-) so no offense ... yeah a longer writeup would definitely be appreciated because this is a really valuable topic, but of course it's entirely up to you, thanks anyway :-)

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