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Deno MySQL | Deno SQL Driver Library

Deno MySQL is a library that allows us to connect our deno application to SQL servers similar to MySQL or MariaDB. I've done a quick tutorial to describe how to install and use it.

Youtube: Deno MySQL Tutorial

Included in this video are:

  • Deno SQL connection
  • Database creation
  • Table creation
  • Row inserts with new data
  • Row updates with different data
  • Row deletes
  • Close database connection

Deno MySQL:


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Brian Kwendo

I am running into read packet timeout in deno-mysql. Strangely this happens both in remote and local servers. The servers are ok. Deno is running ok also. But now my issue is when executing a query, initial request will produce an error "Error: Error: Read packet timeout" but surprisingly when requesting for the second time, that is second click. the MySQL query execute as expected.