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Graphics Asset Management Software

Graphic design organization is hard. But I was lucky enough to get a chance to check out Eagle App recently, which is a cool piece of software which helps organise assets.

Youtube: Graphics Asset Management

This is my first sponsored post! I'm really excited to do it, but all reviews and opinions my own!

If you are like me, you probably have files all over the place. I have dozens of folders without good labelling with fonts, videos, images and music. I use these on a daily basis to make videos for youtube, research and even just for inspiration.

But I waste heaps of time looking for them. I honestly have a folder called Dribbble in my Chrome which has hundreds of bookmarks. Their title isn't very specific, and every time I go back to look for something takes me ages to find the file I was looking for.

Eagle App Adrian Twarog Bookmarks

So what's the goal here. Well using the application I was able to literally drag and drop most things and have them organised pretty damn quick. But was really cool was the fact that I could search and preview them really fast.

Eagle App Adrian Twarog Example

Simple mouse overs were enough to preview music, and I could even double click on fonts to test them out.

Some of the features that were cool included:

  • Easy simple place for all my photos (or thumbnails!)
  • Chrome Extension that lets me drag and drop images to save them quickly
  • Search by color, lets me filter images by any shade or tone!
  • Preview music by mouse over, with time skip!
  • Font previews (on a web-like a screen)

Hopefully, this might help you too! You can check them out on the link below:

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