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React 17 version release

Version 17 of ReactJS is out. This release brings no new features, but also no depreciated methods either. The goal was to make sure that bugs are fixed, and the future path for upgrading react is easier.

I've done a quick summary video covering the important items below, but if you want a more in-depth changelog, you can take a look at the official blog post on the reactjs website:

Youtube: React 17 Release

Summary of what to expect:

  • No new features
  • No deprecated methods
  • New event listener (no longer on documents, but on root elements)
  • Easier to run different versions of react at the same time
  • Easier to put react inside jquery apps, or visa versa
  • useEffects cleanup function runs asynchronously, requires slightly different syntax
  • Better error handling (in production)
  • Removing Private Exports (effecting react-native for the web)

For the full information of changes, check out the changelog or the official blog:

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