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VS Code in Virtual Reality

adriantwarog profile image Adrian Twarog ・2 min read

I setup vscode on my virtual reality headset and started coding. This was just a fun experience to see if it was possible, and what could be done. But I ended up really enjoying it!

What I found was that virtual reality has come a long way. You can load up VS Code, your browser, desktop and a number other windows, and have them floating anywhere you want inside your workspace!

I used the HP Reverb G2 to do this:

Alt Text

When it came to using React with an example Design, I could code immediately as if I had a multiple monitor setup!

I have a full video that is covering the whole setup if you're interested.

Summary: (TLDR)

  • Resolution looks good for reading text
  • Feels like having multiple monitors
  • Might change the future of coding
  • Heaps of fun!
  • Better than coding on the phone!

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madza profile image

This is some next-level stuff, lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog Author

Haha I know right!

ikazmiod profile image

Hey, did the setup have head tracking? Like could you switch windows just by changing the direction you were looking in? Because if you could, ide/code editor smack bang in the middle, up for console, turn head right for your browser, right and up for browser console, left another browser and left and up for that other browser's console. No more dragging mouse around or being limited to 2 or 3 monitors πŸ˜‡

_juliettech profile image

Heyyyy this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna try to see if I can do the same for my Oculus Quest 2. Haven't found an app so I can see VSCode there, but hopefully through the new online version I'll be access my code through the browser.

If anyone has done this and has some advice, would lo to hear! Thanks :)

nekio profile image

people think this is cool but its not, VR headset will get heavy and HOT and its just not comfortable at all for long period of time.

vip3rousmango profile image
Al Romano

Looks like my Rift S isn't just for gaming... nice!

rutvikj77 profile image
Rutvik J

This is Amazing! Gives an insight on how future kid coders would live in the VR world. XD

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog Author

this is the future

bigj1m profile image
Jim Plourde

For how long did you code in VR? I imagine for long session the headset might have a tole on your body, getting hot/sweaty using it, vision troubles, etc.

berkangayterminal profile image