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Adrian Twarog
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Webflow Tutorial | Make websites without code?!

TLDR You can build an entire website without a single line of code using webflow. I did an introduction tutorial for those who want to learn more about it and how this is done.

Webflow Tutorial

I was always cautious when it comes to platforms and site builders that take the option of coding away. But judging them without learning them would be unfair, so I decided to learn webflow and teach others how it works so you get a better idea. It reminded me a bit of Figma and Sketch however its designs equate directly into a usable website which is pretty cool!

In this tutorial I cover:

  • What is Webflow
  • Using editor
  • Pre-made components
  • Designing a website
  • Header Navigation
  • Hero Image & Call to Action

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Discussion (3)

yellow1912 profile image

Is there anything that you don't like about the whole experience and would love webflow to improve?

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog Author

I wish sometimes I could double click or right click and edit something directly with code if I needed...

yellow1912 profile image

I can imagine that will be difficult. Webflow automatically generated the html and also does lots of magic with that html under the hood (attach attributes etc). Allowing us to freely edit the html may break some of that magic.