VSCode Tutorial - Faster Coding With User Snippets

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Besides being absolutely free, one of my most favorite feature when it comes to VS Code as an IDE is the flexibility and extensibility it provides no matter the programming language of your choice. You literally have an array of productivity tools at your fingertips via the extensions tab.

Sometimes though, you might want something that is very specific to your coding style or to your company’s coding convention and you might struggle in finding just the right package that can satisfy that needs.

This is where having your user defined snippets can become very handy, and VS Code makes it really easy to create them.

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I have always betted on Javascript


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Nice Tips Really Thanks Master Ady.


You are welcome and I'm glad you find it useful Jedi DouxSey :)


Nice post! Code snippets really boost productivity. Additionaly to it, there is a nice snippet generator.


Hello Max and thank you for the kind words. I have actually turned the snippet generator into a snippet lol :) I talk about it in the video since I found the process repetitive. I did create a gist for it
I'll expand and add more details to the article. The one you shared is great and I hope VSCode takes notice and integrates it as part of the IDE that would be dope.


I like this approach - especially as an alternative to unnecessary abstractions!


Indeed as long as it’s intuitive and easy to remember I’m a taker