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Decentralized WebNet

Blockchain : The mind behind the project

The project focuses on using the idea of blockchain to create a social website network where the client has the ability to create , view and tip any post on the ethereum network . Blockchain is a trending topic and the idea of how it provides a secure way to store the personalized information using sha256 and other encryption algorithms and proof of work algorithms all combined together , it's just amazing . This project however doesn't work on the main ethereum network but on the ropsten test network in metamask . Wondering now what Metamask is ? You sure should .

Metamask , Truffle , Infura and Ganache CLI

The Ethereum site provides certain frameworks to work with so that the transactions that actually happens are easily kept tracked of in the blockchain . To begin with , I have used truffle which does the necessary setup to write contracts , migrations and test for your blockchain to work with . It creates your project using truffle init . The truffle migrations are used to compile and deploy the contracts written . The test have been written in javascript using chai & mocha . The test in truffle works asynchronously , hence makes use of async & await. Moving to metamask , it is a chrome extension that connects your blockchain to the frontend and allows the client to perform transaction , you can import accounts by providing the private key . Metamask also offers the option of various test network and provides the feature to add your personal local network . This local network can be used for testing purpose and it is the done using Ganache-CLI .

Now new term Ganache !! Well , Ganache provides you a quickstart that gives you 10 free accounts with 100 ether in each , this is fake ether and not real ether , you can't use it in the main ethereum network. Last but not the least , what is Infura !! Infura was used in this project so that I was able to deploy the blockchain created to the ropsten network . It can be used to connect to the other test network and the main ethereum network as well.

Web3 and React

Web3 and React were majorily used to connect the blockchain to the front-end to provide an easy manner for the client/user to interact with the blockchain . Web3 is majorily used to loadBlockchainData and access the functions within the contract.


Heroku was used in this project to deploy the entire project .


Even though there are a minor issues within the project , I will love to know your review on it .

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