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Node JS Resume Points How To Write Node.js Developer Resume (+ Real Word Template)

  • Treat your resume as a landing page - optimize it for conversion (that is basically an interview invitation)
  • Keep it just one sheet long (two pages max)
  • Don’t use photos, never
  • Layout mattes - choose more readable, good looking one with better font, if you need one look at the example below
  • Polish your tech skills cloud and aligned it with job description - without it you will be rejected by any recruiting automation system on a filtering step
  • Add WOW effects to your experience, namely stress out how did you improve the business of a company using your tech skills
  • Stop DOing, start ACHIEVing in your experience
  • A/B Test your resume all the time, send it to recruiters and check what version has better conversion rate (calls back)

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Node.js Developer Resume Template

John Rippin | Node.js Developer

Creative Node.js Developer with 12+ years of strong experience in Operating Systems & Terminal, Machine Learning areas with willingness to learn and master Scrum & Agile and RDBMS & SQL. Blockchain expert.

>> Download Word, DOCX Version Now <<

>> Download Word, DOCX Version Now <<


  • Phone: (997) 360-2706
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn: @john11
  • Github: @john11


Front End:

  • BabylonJS, Backbone.js, Handlebars.js
  • JavaScript/ES6/ES2017, MeteorJS, RESTful API
  • ReactJS, Underscore.js, Web Components

Back End:

  • Node.js 0.8-10.1, Azure Functions, Flask
  • LINQ, MS Build, kops


  • CRUD, Cassandra, DAX
  • MongoDB, MySQL, NHibernate


  • Blanket, Nock, Unexpected


  • CI/CD, Jenkins, Raygun, Travis CI


  • 12 Factor App, Asana, Basecamp
  • Bitbucket, Crucible, ER Diagrams
  • Lint, SOLID principles, UML


Mayer LLC, Senior Node.js Developer, 01/2014 - 12/2016 | Handburgh, AR

  • Building hypothesis and executing the set of A/B tests related to the high-profile internal web application resulting in 3x conversion and revenue grow
  • Capturing the best development practices in a way of common condign standards team of 4 developers that helped to decrease code complexity and improve maintainability of the shared libraries and components.
  • Integrating with third-party services and external APIs as a part of implementation of the high-profile customers-facing portal adopting an improved way of reports producing amongst different solutions and mitigating the code duplicity by 60%
  • Reverse-Engineering legacy modules related to high-profile online service, following to the more effective components interoperability and code maintainability.

McClure and Sons, Node.js Backend Developer, 03/2011 - 01/2014 | Kreigerbury, MN

  • Conducting requirements gathering and validation as a part of collaboration for the high-profile progressive web application that helped to develop clear, unambiguous technical requirements and establish consistent feed-back loop.
  • Coordinated with engineering and product teams in identification of customer requirements for the high-volume progressive web application. The result helped to create more than 16 BRD and tech documents to stream line development activities.
  • Full Stack development of the high-profile external web app (BabylonJS and SOLID principles). As a result 5 bugs-free releases have been deployed just-in-time.
  • Implementation of the set of new API endpoints related to the mission-critical internal web application, that provided critical connectivity channel for distributed functionality and increase system cohesion keeping manageable code complexity.
  • Maintaining newly developed and legacy systems mission-critical external web app applying knowledge of Azure Functions, NHibernate and Jenkins
  • Optimizing legacy data storages and search queries for the high-volume external web app utilizing NHibernate and MongoDB resulted in minimization of the average response time by 63%

Mays - Kautzer, Back-End Developer, 01/2009 - 05/2010 | West Nathaniel, IA

  • Design and configuration of the fully automated CI/CD lifecycle for the high-volume external web app resulting in 5x reduction of average deployment time.
  • Maintaining newly developed and legacy systems high-volume external web app applying knowledge of 12 Factor App and Handlebars.js
  • Performing unit & load testing for the critical progressive web application that helped to improve system's stability and scalability by identification critical performance issues during development phase
  • Resolved technical problems relating to the business-critical internal web application resulting in application performance tunning and code quality improvements
  • Reviewing the quality of code for the high-volume progressive web application maintaining code and design consistency across different team members
  • Transforming client needs into the new product features for the high-profile external web app. The result helped to create more than 18 BRD and tech documents to stream line development activities.


FullStack.Cafe - Never Fail Tech Interview, Founder |

  • FullStack.Cafe is a smartest way to nail your Full Stack tech interview. It has more than 2800 Interview Questions and Answers sourced from any possible resources on Internet and presented in a concise, unobtrusive way for high-focusing interview preparation process.
  • ~20'000 MAU.


  • Master of Communication. Salem University, Nigeria, 2003 - 2010.
  • Intro to Coding and Programming - Nanodegree. Code Avengers.


  • Bengali language: Native proficiency
  • Arabic language: Fluent proficiency
  • Visa Status: Permanent Resident

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thecodingalpaca profile image
Carlos Trapet • Edited

Most of these guidelines have to be taken with a grain of salt and would be red flags in some countries.
To anyone reading this who's not based in Australia/United States; please, please, please make sure you tailor your CV to the culture of the country you're in.
I can't stress this enough; I know in the US you have to look very proud of your achievements, competitive and direct, but here in the UK (and in Europe in general) that can be seen as overly aggressive, narcissistic and egocentric.
My team and I have rejected candidates purely based on this, even if their coding skills were outstanding.

laisbsc profile image
Laís Carvalho • Edited

That makes complete sense! Writing document without considering your audience can cause a huge problem.

dan_8741 profile image

I don't want to be rude but I see a lot of inconsistency in this type of resume. I find a few point surprising, that would in my opinion do more harm than good during a job interview.

For instance, I would expect any descent Node JS developer to be able to pick up any NPM library such as Handlebars or even use a REST api, mentioning it as a skill seem odd. Seeing WebGL alongside XHTML and XML is hilarious to me, WebGL, and by extension OpenGL, is a complete different beast, I would expect someone that list it as a skill to also be familiar with GLSL, 3D math and the whole rendering pipeline, please do yourself a favor and never list XML/HTML next to WebGL as common skills set unless you know what it imply.

Database 'CRUD', is more confusing than anything as it doesn't even stand for any particular tech. Node 0.8 to 10.1... why even bother listing the version if you already know ES6? And listing Bitbucket as a skill is also confusing, I would expect at least to see the word 'git' somewhere... not a hosting service.

What scare me about these type of resume is that its just a bunch of technology name to look fancy and cool, but when it come down to it, no one really care if you happened to stubble upon one of these tech. It's basically beating around the bushes when really the most important thing is not to highlight what tech you used, but rather how quickly you can learn and adapt.

itscosmas profile image
Cosmas Gikunju

Wow , didn't think the templates were behind a paywall

diti profile image
Dimitri Torterat

Where’s the Node.js developer resume howto? I only see introductory bullet points at the top of the article